Saturday, 10 July 2010


Joyce - Tsering Om!

When someone asks me where I am from, I answer: "I am half French, half Italian, born in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain)... and now I am Bhutanese." :D
I met yoga in 1996 during University studies in Barcelona. From the first class, I felt a very strong connection with Yoga and never stopped practicing it.

I am a neuroscientist, I study plasticity in the brain and the visual system. Although at the beginning of my life as a researcher I thought science was the way to contribute to humanity, I now believe in a more subtle way to make my actions beneficial to the world, and Yoga has a lot to do with it. That's why Yoga has become more and more a central part of my life.

After my hard-working 4 years of PhD in The Netherlands, I strongly felt it was time to deeply jump into yoga. During my 2.5 years of post-doc in Japan, I had the chance to find Sun and Moon, a magic place in Tokyo where one gets immense inspiration, especially from Leza Lowitz, my wonderful teacher. Soon after I took my teacher training at Sun and Moon, Tanuki Yoga was created: I started teaching. During these last 3 years, I have continously taken workshops and teacher trainings (Paul Grilley's and Sarah Powers' Yin Yoga or Jonas Westring's Thai-yoga, for example) to keep on learning and get inspired. I have as well 300h of teacher training in Tibetan Heart Yoga.
Not long ago, I landed in Bhutan. All my gratitude to the "karmic forces" that brought me here and gave me the beautiful challenge to set up Nyin-Dah Yoga Studio! Unfortunately, Nyin-Dah Yoga Studio had to close its doors due to the landlady. I will therefore continue teaching in the empty living room of my atic.

To me, yoga is union in a sense of alignment, of balance. Yoga guides you towards aligning yourself with yourself, reaching balance within Nature. With practice, your body, your mind, your wishes trustfully gain the connection with your inner self.

I believe in interconnection. I believe that everyone's practice will not only benefit oneself but the whole world. Asana helps us breathe; deep balanced breathing makes the mind clear and focussed; a focussed mind leads us to awareness and mindful actions; and mindful actions can only result in a meaningful world.

In my classes, I give wide explanations and really try to transmit the essence of yoga through Asana (physical exercise), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation. A lot of importance is given into bringing awareness of body posture, breathing, mind and the flowing of Prana.



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