Monday, 21 March 2011

Special Tibetan Heart Yoga class with Robert Mitchel / Mon 28 March 2011

to see how much money was raised

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Monday 28 March 2011

6pm - 7.30pm

Join us for this
special Tibetan Heart Yoga class
on Lady Niguma Series
with Robert Mitchel from Arizona (USA).

* Donations will be collected
for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief *

About Lady Niguma's series:
The "Lady Niguma Series" or the "Niguma's Machine of the Body" is a series of asanas developed in the 11th century by the dakini (the "angel of the sky") named Niguma, the partner of Master Naropa who lived a thousand years ago. The series was translated into English and taught by Geshe Michael Roach beginning in 2010, first to his students at Diamond Mountain University, and later in Europe, Asia, and South America. The practice focuses on yoga poses which will loosen the knots at our chakras and allow our prana (lung) to flow more freely in our inner bodies.
This is a unique series, as it is the only known series specifically designed by a female yoga master from Ancient India.

About Robert Mitchel:
Robert Mitchell is a close student of Mira Shani. Robert is an American, 64 years old, who works as a library administrator at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He teaches yoga at Three Jewels Tucson. He is a Yoga Studies Institute certified yoga instructor, having graduated in 2009. He is visiting Bhutan with his wife of 30 years, Vicki Mills, at the invitation of their friend Joyce (Tsering Om), and looks forward to the opportunity to teach the Lady Niguma Practice in Bhutan.

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