Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Our Philosophy

Yoga in the Attic is here to share the art of yoga with everyone in Thimphu. Our goal is to provide a space where to find balance.

Our wish is to meet everyone's need and therefore we are providing different styles of yoga, at different times (contact us for private classes) and at the lowest price possible in order to ensure our sustainibility and be able to continue to exist.

Yoga in the Attic aims at staying local as much as possible and therefore refrains from importing equipment. We also believe it is important to involve our community into the yoga project.
At the studio, we have props to ensure a safe and comfortable practice. The bolsters, eye-pillows, sandbags, blocks and most of the furniture were made at Draktsho, the Vocational Training Centre for the Disabled in Thimphu. The bolsters have been filled with left-overs from tailoring shops in an attempt to recycle. The eye-pillows are filled with buckweat husk from Bumthang, rice and lavanda (from Spain) to gain the magic scent. The sandbags carry sand from the Wangchuk river.

We hope our efforts will be manifested in a beautiful and mindful yoga community.

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